Fiscal responsibilities at VCU

The key principle of University financial management is proper stewardship. It is the responsibility of every administrator, fiscal officer or fiscal staff to ensure that the financial resources of VCU are expended to best serve the University and its student body. The University's financial resources are derived from General Funds (funds appropriated by the Commonwealth of Virginia) and Nongeneral Funds (tuition and fees, grants and contracts, private gifts and investment income, and auxiliary enterprises). VCU has an obligation to demonstrate that it is a wise steward of the funds entrusted to it. University policies and procedures provide the guidance for making expenditures from all fund sources.

The University's fiduciary responsibility is to fulfill its overall mission ethically and in compliance with applicable policies, laws, regulations, rules, contracts, grants, and donor restrictions. Accordingly, the University is obligated to take reasonable actions to ensure that: 

  • University resources are used only for official University business
  • University resources are accounted for accurately in the University's financial records
  • The University maintains internal controls, which accomplish the following objectives: protection of assets, such as facilities, data, equipment, supplies, inventory, accounts receivable, and cash (including checks and credit card payments), from unauthorized access or theft
  • Compliance with all applicable policies, laws, regulations, and rules, as well as contracts, grants, or donor restriction
  • Adequate authorization and record keeping procedures to achieve accuracy and reliability of accounting data and other management information
  • Promotion of operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Proper segregation of duties so that no one controls all phases of a transaction
  • An effective process of continuous assessment and adjustment for any changes in conditions that affect internal controls.

This handbook is designed to help you identify and understand the various financial roles at VCU, provide an understanding of its financial structure, as well as provide training and detailed instructions for completing financial transactions. This site is a collaborative effort of departments within VCU Finance & Administration, namely: University Controller's Office, VCU Budget & Resource Analysis, Procurement Services and VCU Treasury & Foundation Services.